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Aerial Voyage

Aerial Voyage

A spectacular view of Britain’s Railways from the air. A unique perspective of Britain’s Railways.
Duration: 59 minutes.


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Loco Haulage 2015

Loco hauled trains

A look at locomotive hauled passenger workings around the country during 2015 including Class 37s on the Cumbrian and Wherry lines, Chiltern loco haulage and Deltic Power. 
Duration: 67 minutes.


Video Track Annual 2015

Video Track 2015

The latest in our yearly series looking back at the motive power scene on the National Network. Includes all the happenings from January 2014 to December 2014. 
Duration: almost 2 hours.


Steam on the Grade

Steam on the Grade - railway video download

Archive film of steam at work in the 1960s on a number of famous grades including the Cromford and High Peak , the Lickey Incline, the climb to Shap and Ais Gill.
Includes bankers, passenger and freight traffic with a wide variety of motive power
60 mins


Aspects of German Steam

Download video for Aspects of German Steam

Steam in West and East Germany during the period 1966 to 1996 covering both the standard and narrow gauge.
Includes the last main line steam in West Germany, Pacifics on passenger workings in East Germany, the narrow gauge network in the 60s and 70s, plus a wide variety of main line classes in the 70s, plus main line steam in the 90s


Sixties Traction

60s Traction

Motive power from the 1960s still at work on the National Network. A look back at the traction scene of 1992 including Class 47s, Class 33s, Class 37s, Class 31s and Class 50s on a variety of passenger and freight workings.


Power of the LMS

Power of the LMS

Steam power from the days of the LMS hard at work on British Railways in the 1960’s. Presented from Barrow Hill Roundhouse by Graeme Aldous.


Video Track Annual 2013

Video Track 2013

The programme provides a review of the main line traction scene - Trial loco hauled service Carlisle to Sellafield with DRS 37 & 47 traction - Boston Steel with 47 739 and 56 094 at various locations


Video Track Annual 2014

Video Track 2014

A review of the traction scene of 2014. Winter snowfall scenes from the coldest spring for 50 years; COSAL Class of 56s; DCR Class 56s; Norfolk Loco Haulage; Class 33s, and much much more...


Power of the A4s

Power of the A4s

For Many the LNER A4s have captured the imagination more than any other class. Their striking, streamlined design set them apart from the other express locomotives of the period. In this programme we document the A4s at work on a variety of duties, from their introduction in the 1930s, through the 1960s and their final days in Scotland.


Steam on Tour

Steam on Tour

During the 1960’s the railtour was an integral part of steam operations. In this programme we look at steam railtours along with working steam at a number of locations.


Freight Centres

The Freight Scene

Comprises a visit to various popular locations in recent months plus a look back to the 1990s when First Generation Traction dominated. Locations include: Toton, Milford Junction, Stafford, Peak Forest, Westbury, Severn Tunnel Junction and Barnetby.


Sixties Steam Revisited

Sixties Steam Revisited

A Tour of British Railways during the days of Working Steam in 1966. 45 Minutes.
* Main line steam on the W. Coast Main Line
* A wide variety of operation in the NW
* Main Line and Industrial steam to the Collieries in the North East
* Industrial steam at Seaham Harbour
* The Swanage Branch; Brockenhurst with main line and branch workings.
* Steam workings to Blackpool with BR Standards Britannias, Standard 5s, 9fs and Standard 4s

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Traffic Centres

Traffic Centres Video

Exploring a range of passenger and freight through someof the networks most popular and busiest railway locations. Comprises Carlisle, Didcot, Clapham Junction and York. Includes archive film from the 1980s and 1990s showing first generation traction hard at work. Duration: 1 hour 16 minutes.

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